Done With Covid-19... Now What?

Virtual Mastermind Strategies To Make Your Speaking &
Consulting Business Survive - And Thrive - Post COVID-19

Let's face it, every business--every country--
was blindsided by Covid-19.
Some businesses will never recover, some countries will be forever changed...thousands of lives were lost.
We can't change any of this. But we CAN be proactive and prepare for the next phase, and...
You DON'T have to figure it all out alone.
Now is the time to connect with other professional consultants and speakers to Virtually Mastermind solutions to make sure YOUR Business survives--and thrives--in this new normal.

Map Your Business Future With Insights & Strategies From Fellow Peers & Experts

Ask yourself...what are your plans to...
1.  Generate multiple paydays and income streams whenever you speak or consult.
2.  Create ongoing residual income from past and present clients and future ones too!
3.  Leverage your expert authority for more media attention…to drive more prospects to call you, and                       increase your value even more?
4.  Keep getting your full fees (no discounting) more companies embrace virtual meetings and                                     presentations?
5.  Earn 3x, 5x or even 10x with the same client so you can travel less and earn more than before?

How will you do all this without wasting more time on social media, or hawking online courses and info-products? 

These are the kinds of strategies we have discussed in the Virtual Mastermind. Every group is unique, with different experiences, expertise and challenges. 

You Are Invited To Join Us In This Free Virtual Mastermind
    This Friday at 12 PM EST / 9am PST

When the dust settles, many of the old "tried & true" ways of doing business will have changed. Some things may remain, others may never be the same. The new economy isn't going to switch back on overnight. In fact, most analysts are already labeling this "new normal" as the "90% Economy" meaning it'll be awhile before anything that looks like our 2019 world again.

Just consider a couple of areas that affect most of us as speakers and consultants.  "Airline traffic growth will improve beginning Q4 2020, but not reach 2019 levels until 2022 at the earliest." --Cowen Research,

"Don't expect passenger numbers to hit the previous peak until around 2023." --Raymond James, Tourism Analytics

Coronavirus will "...disrupt the ecosystem supported by the trade shows and conferences." --USC Marshall School of Business Center for Global Supply Chain Management, LA Times

The billions of dollars lost are going to create devastating consequences for each of our markets. One thing is for sure, when the dust does finally settle, many producers and planners will be gone for good, bankrupt. 

Worse, many companies and associations that have historically held annual or quarterly events or brought in industry experts will decide this is the time to switch to virtual meetings entirely, leaving many speakers and consultants looking for other work. 

There will still be a need for what you do...but the times they are a'changing!

To survive and thrive, we have to think outside the proverbial box. 
That's exactly what we will do in this Virtual Mastermind!

You Are Invited To Join Us in This Free Virtual Mastermind
Every Friday at 12PM EST

About Your Expert Facilitators:

Your hosts Steven Rowell and Emerson Brantley have presented before hundreds of audiences of up to 20,000 attendees and worked with multi-national clients like Disney, Shell, UPS, Walmart, American Express, Pfizer, American Forests, Toyota, the Pentagon and 9 government agencies & government ministers from 34 countries. They have licensed their patient satisfaction system to 1100 hospitals nationwide. Together they have created and hosted accelerated business growth mastermind groups for 5 industries, and produced or promoted over 2,000 events across North America and 21 countries overseas.
Between them they have produced a number of programs and best-selling books, topping 195,000 copies for Success From The Inside Out a #5 WSJ Bestselling Business Book.
Nothing on your agenda will make as much difference in your income over the next 12 months than being part of this Virtual Mastermind. Come prepared to get the revenue boosting gamechanging strategies you need to make your business one of the ones that come out better than before. 

You Are Invited To Join Us in This Free Virtual Mastermind
Every Friday at 12PM EST

Join Us In This Free Virtual Mastermind
Friday, July 24th at 12PM EST

Includes Your "29 Ways To Crisis Proof Your Business" Checklist!

Steven Rowell, Co-Founder Strategic Speaker Institute, CEO Accelerated Ventures, Change Management Consultant and International Speaker & Bestselling Author

Steven Rowell has delivered more than 1200 keynote speeches and facilitated hundreds of multi-day conferences. His areas of expertise include: leading lasting change for business performance, managerial courage, and achieving legendary service. His Strategic Speaker System helps Speakers and Consultants increase their income and impact 37 ways including licensing and sponsorships.

What Steven's Past Clients Have to Say...

Rocksolid Strategy in 15 Minutes

"In 15 minutes Steven Rowell helped me create a strategy which solved a major block I had in my business for the past four months. Whether you have to drive across town, fly across country, or fly half way around the world, you have to work with Steven Rowell."
—Kerwin Rae, Australia's #1 Accelerated Business Growth Strategist--K2 Elite Mastermind,“Australia’s Tony Robbins”

Steve Transformed My Business

"Steven Rowell transformed my speaking business helping me land a corporate sponsorship, publish my new book series, and forever change the way I sell my services which has added multiple streams of income, earning more from every speaking event."
—Dennis McIntee, Keynote Speaker 
and Change Management Consultant

Cracking the Code for Speakers

"Steven Rowell has cracked the code for professional speakers to land corporate sponsorships, licensing deals, long-term contracts with Fortune 500 clients, and earn more from every Association or Convention keynote speech. If I had known 10 years ago what Steven has taught me--just 3 of his strategies --I would have earned millions from speaking, sponsorships and licensing of my Strategies for Saving Your Sanity® book series. Now I will with Steven's help."  
—Dr. Mike Thomson, Keynote Speaker, 
Strategies for Saving Your Sanity® 

Join us For the Next Virtual Mastermind 
This Friday at 12PM EST

Emerson Brantley, Co-Founder Strategic Speaker Institute, Founder & CEO, High-Converting Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, International Speaker & Bestselling Author, Mentor & Coach

Emerson is best-known by many as creator of the longest-running profitable lead-generating infomercial ever aired, the "Cash Flow Generator." Over his extensive career in marketing, sales and business growth he has masterminded over 8600 campaigns in every media, online and offline, in 21 nations. After over $100M Testing his results consistently exceed all expectations, like 41.55% email & 32% Facebook conversions; 17,859 webinar registrations; and 3000 PR/media events…in a single weekend!

What Emerson's Past Clients Have to Say...

Copy that Crashes Servers

"Emerson created the copy, the strategy and tweaked it to the point that our servers have been crashing on some of our campaigns!"
—John Assaraf
PraxisNow/Neurogym, Brain Expert Featured in the Blockbuster Movie "The Secret", Bestselling Author & International Speaker

Blown Away by Emerson!

"In the last 10 years we've worked with over 250,000 entrepreneurs in 46 countries. When I fly from New Zealand to Florida to spend 3 days of my valuable time to think, I'm going to learn something, I want the best person. And I was ABSOLUTELY blown away by Emerson. What he did in that 3 days was showed me how to structure the marketing of my company which was the missing link that I had been looking for which I know over the next 5 years will grow my company at least 3-fold."
—Mike Handcock, Chairman, Rock Your Life,
International Speaker & Trainer

Biggest 'Aha!' in just two hours

"'I was really impressed...I looked at it going, "I don't know how much you can teach me,' but in the first two hours of the first day I got the biggest 'Aha!' that completely made the entire workshop worth it. 'Yep, got my money back on that one!' I highly recommend anybody who wants to work with Emerson, he really has such a vast amount of knowledge around what's going on in any industry, and how to go about it in a way that's authentic. I highly recommend talking with Emerson and working with Emerson...he really gives great value!"
—Amanda Holmes, CEO Chet Holmes International, 
#1 Sales Program "The Ultimate Sales Machine"

If you don't have all the answers, then let's mastermind real-world solutions in a focused, hour, working together to identify actionable and proven strategies and concepts you can immediately use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly IS A "Virtual Mastermind?"
A "Mastermind" is totally different from a seminar or training class, or even specialized coaching. The term comes from the landmark book "Think & Grow Rich" written by Napoleon Hill. Of 17 "Laws of Success," ONE stood out as the single most important principle shared by ALL of the successful people he interviewed: Each met regularly with a small, intimate group of peers to gain insights and learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences, sharing advice, direction, and constructive critique to evaluate and examine their businesses and their markets, reduce risks and costs, and boost lead flow and revenues.

By joining together with collective intentions and definiteness of purpose, you literally create quantum leaps of new knowledge and insights, new solutions, new ideas, and new opportunities for you and your business.
Hill called this powerful experience the Master Mind, where 1 + 1 doesn't just equal 2... by multiplying and leveraging the brain power of the entire group, you discover limitless opportunities to create revenue and grow your business.
Up till now it was a challenge to accomplish this virtually, but now, using Zoom meeting technology, we can breakout into small, intimate groups of peers to mastermind challenges, opportunities and other critical questions together.

How "Limited" Is This… Really?
Our primary concern is to maintain small group intimacy, focus and quality feedback time. To honor your time and everyone else in each group, this limits how many can participate, simple as that. Getting you value for your time is more important than having hundreds of people on the call.
We start each Virtual Mastermind together in our main room, then quickly separate into 3 or 4 expert-facilitated small group "breakout rooms." Here, we focus as a group on individual challenges, opportunities or other question brought by our “Hotseat” participants. Then, drawing on the collective genius and experiences of your group of peers, we begin to clarify and address each issue. Members offer different insights and perspectives, specific suggestions and ideas, past solutions and possible options. We then progress to other Hotseat participants, to mastermind their issues together.

How does the “Hotseat” work? How do you decide which topics to mastermind?
The topics each breakout group will mastermind vary by the needs of the Hotseat participants.
Each participant has the option have a Hotseat or not. When you register for the Virtual Mastermind you will be given the choice of a Hotseat focused on one particular issue or question, or to fully participate by sharing your input, insights and experience with your group.

How does the “Hotseat” work? How do you decide which topics to mastermind?
The topics each breakout group will mastermind vary by the needs of the Hotseat participants.
Each participant has the option have a Hotseat or not. When you register for the Virtual Mastermind you will be given the choice of a Hotseat focused on one particular issue or question, or to fully participate by sharing your input, insights and experience with your group.

There is no additional charge for this, and there is no requirement to be a Hotseat participant to be part of the Virtual Mastermind.
If you have a pressing challenge, a decision about some new opportunity, would like peer guidance on how to proceed in a particular situation or have any other question for the group to address, the Hotseat is for you. Select the Hotseat option during your registration process.   
Can’t I just listen in?
Choosing to fully participate with your input is different from “listening in”. If all you want to be is a passive player “auditing” in the background, getting but not giving…then we ask you not join us on the Virtual Mastermind.
The success – the magic -- of any mastermind only happens when everyone is of the same mindset: to bring value, share your value, and in so doing, gain immense value and immediately-applicable insights for your own business. In fact, we learn and grow as much from participating in this process as from being in the Hotseat!
How Often do you meet? How long is each Virtual Mastermind session?
We meet every Friday at Noon Eastern Time for 60 minutes. We start right on time and end by 1 pm.
We are all busy with our own businesses. Honoring your time this way is why top NSA and non-NSA speakers and consultants, including CSP's, CPAE's, Hall of Fame Speakers, and even current NSA board members set aside noon every Friday to be on the Strategic Speakers & Consultants Virtual Mastermind. They know you get tremendous value every week: new breakthroughs, new connections, new opportunities and so much more.

What are you selling?
This is not a sales webinar, and in fact, the Virtual Mastermind is a “No Pitch” zone. Attendees who come to prospect are removed from our list and not invited back. Although each expert and participant has their own area of specialty, you will likely get many suggestions that direct you to other experts who may have the solutions you need, who are not part of the group at all.
Why are you doing this?
We realized we needed this opportunity to mastermind with other high-level experts and peers as much as our participants do.
The trouble is, we could not find a satisfactory peer-to-peer roundtable or mastermind for top speakers and consultants, that delivered the high-level of value we knew we needed…and many others as well.
You hear a lot of folks saying, "We're all in this together," and we realized how this is especially true for speakers and consultants (and other entrepreneurs). After all, we’re a solitary lot, even under normal conditions we are isolated from each other.
We all – You! -- have valuable insights and suggestions, things that seem to be working for us, personal experiences and best practices, mentors we've learned from…all of which is individually unique to you. By sharing our best -- out of abundance, not lack or competitiveness -- we can survive and even thrive in the "new normal" business environment we all face.
We are deeply engaged in bringing value, and when you have a room – virtual or not – of other peers at your level or above who are like-minded, we all benefit.

Can anyone join? Who is this for?
This is FOR You if:

• You are an established, professional speaker or consultant, and this represents the majority of your business revenues
• You are focused on building a significant “real” business from your speaking and consulting
•You have a mindset of abundance and are truly looking to add value.
•You want to adapt your business in a way that maintains the quality of your life and lifestyle and are willing to adapt to the changing marketplace.
•You are able to listen and respect the experiences and advice from other peers and recognize that individually none of us has all the answers…but together, we have more than the majority of others in our field.
If this sounds like you, or another established professional consultant or speaker you know and respect, then we would love to have you join us in this week's Virtual Mastermind! And feel free to invite your pro-active, abundance-based peers – speakers or consultants at your level or above who are focused on delivering real value -- to register for our next live virtual mastermind by clicking the button below.
Who is this NOT for?
This Virtual Mastermind is NOT for emerging or aspiring speakers or consultants, or those who identify primarily as a “motivational” speaker or performer.
Also, regardless of level of experience, this is NOT for those who…

• Focus mainly on getting “gigs” and not on building a substantial “real” business
• Have an attitude of lack instead of abundance
• Believe they already have everything they need, have experienced every possible business twist and turn, and are closed to growing from the wisdom and insights of peers
• Want to come "pitch" themselves or their program to other participants
• Want to get all they can and not bring their value to the group
We are committed to maintaining the level of professionalism, experience and quality insights that only top-level peers can bring each other.
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